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Al Quran Terjemah Indonesia Inggris

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Pack. & Delivery:1 set ada 3 buku @ 10 juz
Specification:Meidiana Hutomo:
Practical to bring in any, because it is not too thick, especially divided into 3 section of the Quran. So if the 1-10 section of the Quran are learned, others do not have the take. Affordable prices.

In addition, the three-language Al-Quran is very helpful friend who converted start learning a foreign Al-Quran .. they can understand the contents of Al Quran in Arabic, English and Indonesian as well .. 3 in 1

Aneke Putri:
Make me, this unique design of the Quran. Because the feel of the Indonesian such as leaf, shoot, flowers. Can be an alternative Islamic Ornamentations Quran that are usually most nuanced Middle East.

DR. Syafii Antonio:
Iam, DR. Syafii Antonio, say congratulations and tahniah to the Publisher Qomari, Al Quran has published two languages

Mushaf Al-Quran Indonesia English Translation 30 Juz
Divided three books, @ 10 section of the Quran Number of pages 1408
Pages in color Dimensions 15 x 21 cm ( easy to carry)
Hardcover edition lux Design interesting

Tajwid Practical Prayer In Al-Qur' an
Prayer Khatmil Qur' an Makharijul Huruf Adab & Eminency
Guidelines Arabic transliteration - Latin

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